Custom Shop


Making a custom sign is easy if you use these simple steps. Or we do have signs that are

complete and for sale on  Just go shopping online.

First, pick out a quote from the collectible quotes page or use a special one of your own. A custom sign is unique to a person and can create a legacy to a person as well. Jo can design a unique sign with milestone dates on it, such as; birth dates, wedding/anniversary date, new home dates, etc.

As an artist, Jo uses her discretion to design with choice fonts, upper and lower case letters, large, bold or small letters, punctuations and flourishes to make the signs unique. A preview of the sign’s design can be arranged through Jo either by phone, 704.807.0673, text, or email,; before the process of painting begins by Jo.

Secondly, after picking out quote or saying, go to the drop down box under Custom Signs and pick out the Wood Sign color and the Lettering color.  Think about the end product when choosing color.

What color do you want to read on top of the wood color? Both colors should be a contrast to each other in order to read them clearly. Suggestion, if you have a white or light colored wood, you would want a dark color to read it clearly and vice versa. Please do not get overwhelmed with color. Stay simple and clean. And call Jo for assistance. PLEASE NOTE: some colors may not be in stock, therefore, would have to be ordered. Because of this, for a custom piece, the time for completed work would be 3-4 weeks.

Thirdly, tell Jo whether you want the sign to be weathered (which involves sanding edges), or antiqued, (which involves a brown, antique finish over completed sign, glossy finish, or just like it is.

All steps can be done online. Jo is always available to help you decide.

Lastly, since you are requesting a custom sign, full payment must be received before work can proceed. Payment in “full” is made through the website