What is JOY?

Love, Happiness, Peace? What are your feelings of JOY?

JOY is expressed inwardly and outwardly. Whatever you feel inside can come outside as well. Have you been kissed or hugged today? What does that make you feel?

Has your day been quiet and relaxing? Need a reminder of that while drinking a cup of coffee relaxing in your favorite chair?

Have you been loved today, by your grandchildren or friend or spouse? Have that special feeling captured in original art.

Jo wants to bring JOY to you through the art she creates. When you have those special feelings, why not hang a reminder of that JOY on your wall?

Sometimes a happy thought is all you need to decorate with Jo’s creations. Choose a special reminder of those feelings or occasions that make you think JOY!

Jo has emotional art ready for your special thought or feeling of the day at J A W Signs & Designs. Or you can special order art work with a quote or saying that gives you JOY!  A peaceful, quiet, hand painted scene may be what you would like to ponder over that “takes you away” with your thoughts.

Jo can satisfy all your feelings in art that will express you and how you feel. She is waiting at Just contact her.


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